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  1. Robyn ficek says:

    We recently lost lemon law arbitration in Maine for our 2015 Mercedes gla 250 suv. Arbitrator stated we did have brake grind, transmission issues but it didn’t affect the value, safety, use. He believed the mechanic from Mercedes that it was normal operating system for the car to take off in 2nd gear, lurch, hesitate, and jump forward when put in gear and it rolls backwards in drive when on a slight incline. We had a video to prove it. We need to file an appeal to this ruling and would like a lawyer. If this isn’t an option could we sue Mercedes directly in court for the multiple problems that have occurred with my new car since February 2015, Right rear shock, new brakes, pads, and rotors, dual clutch replacement, water pump, electric wire under drivers seat, currently in the shop for wheel bearings and a possible left rear shock. Let me know if you can help us.
    Thanks for your time,

  2. Michelle Barboza says:

    My name is Michelle Barboza, and I would like to know if you could offer advice about in regards to an auto dealer that I feel may be taking advantage of me. After I left the workforce due to my medical condition worsened in October of 2017 and dealing with the total loss of my 2012 VW Jetta in December of 2017, I wanted to look for another vehicle to find part-time employment and just to get me around. I found Union Auto Sales close by to my home and chose a 2005 Nissan Altima on January 5th of this year. I got the cheapest leased car I could get into for the time being. (my son as well) Not finding anyone who could go with me that knew about cars at the time or knowing about cars myself, I feel I may have been taken advantage of. Not processing information has been an ongoing problem for me. I found the staff helpful in the beginning, but then I started to notice some things that made me feel uncomfortable. To make a long story short, I ended up asking them to send me my contract, because I lost my paperwork. They never sent it to me. I had to go in to get it. Not knowing much about sales, I asked someone if paying between $10 and $11,000.00 for a 2005 Nissan Altima sounded right, and they said no.
    They told me that I needed to put a down payment. I said I have 1,000.00, and they told me to pay $1,500.00. My son got into an accident with one of their cars due to a blind spot, and I feel it wasn’t until after that is when we weren’t getting responses to our texts unless it involved us making another sale. We found out after wards from CarGurus that they were trying to put him in a car that was overcharged over $2,000.00. I recently brought my car to their garage due to the car not starting properly, and they couldn’t find anything wrong, but instead of paying for them to find the problem I ended up paying $140.00 to fix something else. I don’t mind paying $56.00 every week, but I just want to know if I am getting taken advantage of and get out of it if I am. I would appreciate if you can write me back if you can help me or offer another place that I can go to.
    Thank you so much.

  3. James Lopez says:

    Can you please confirm if you can handle work compensation matters . I have a breach of severance agreement related to it i wish to discuss.

  4. Donna Berjettej says:

    Hello Deborah: Wow, I wish I had known about this! I had purchased a car from them in 2016. And yes–it turned out to be a really sour lemon to the point where it was rotten! And yes, I got the same documentation telling me they were not liable and that the car is being sold “as is”. That car started showing it’s true colors after about 3 months by the check engine light coming on sporadically, then constantly.

    I spent my hard-earned social security on that car! Then, I had to spend another $1,500.00 when I put it in the shop!

    Anyway, again–I wish I had been notified about this. My heart-felt congratulations to you and your clients for the positive outcome against Affordable Auto and their negative travesty of car dealerships.

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