Areas of Practice


Many “financial” problems also involve legal problems, such as illegal interest charges, illegal debt collection practices, unfair business practices, and credit reporting disputes. I invite inquiries about lemon cars, warranties, credit cards, collection agencies, debt consolidation or settlement firms, and other consumer problems. An initial consultation for most consumer problems is free of charge, and in successful cases, the business may be required to pay your attorney’s fee.  I am also available to conduct classes or clinics on these subjects.


Bankruptcy is a way for people who are over their heads in debt to get a fresh start. Filing bankruptcy instantly freezes almost all ongoing collection activity — including lawsuits, utility shutoffs, repossessions, garnishments, and foreclosures — giving you time, under court supervision, to reorganize your financial affairs. Most kinds of debt, notably including credit card debt, can be discharged in bankruptcy — that is, wiped out permanently if you cannot reasonably repay. If you have debt problems, please call for a free consultation.

Unemployment and other statutory benefits

I represent claimants whose unemployment benefit claims are contested by their former employer.   Such contests occur almost anytime a person leaves a job, except for an economic layoff.  The hearing before the Review Examiner is your best chance to win your benefits, so don’t delay talking to a lawyer or other competent advocate.   Fees for representation in unemployment hearings may be flat, hourly, or contingent, depending on the posture of the case.


I invite questions about Family and Medical Leave Act, wage and hour, and other job-related issues.  Initial consultation for most such issues is free of charge. Fee arrangements for representation are flexible; fees may be contingent or mixed hourly/contingent.


Whether your problem involves housing conditions, security deposit, eviction, public or subsidized housing, I may be able to help. I advise and represent both landlords and tenants in Housing Court matters.

Legal Writing and Editing

I am happy to receive inquiries from other counsel about drafting motions and briefs to assist in your litigation practice. Writing samples are available on request.

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