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  1. Robyn ficek says:

    We recently lost lemon law arbitration in Maine for our 2015 Mercedes gla 250 suv. Arbitrator stated we did have brake grind, transmission issues but it didn’t affect the value, safety, use. He believed the mechanic from Mercedes that it was normal operating system for the car to take off in 2nd gear, lurch, hesitate, and jump forward when put in gear and it rolls backwards in drive when on a slight incline. We had a video to prove it. We need to file an appeal to this ruling and would like a lawyer. If this isn’t an option could we sue Mercedes directly in court for the multiple problems that have occurred with my new car since February 2015, Right rear shock, new brakes, pads, and rotors, dual clutch replacement, water pump, electric wire under drivers seat, currently in the shop for wheel bearings and a possible left rear shock. Let me know if you can help us.
    Thanks for your time,

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